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This is a REFRESHER course that is required every three years. If this is your first time completing the Biosafety in Research Labs Training, you must attend an Instructor-Led (in-class) session to receive credit. This training is offered regularly on all 3 campuses and no test is required. For information, please click here.

This refresher training focuses on Biosafety principles and practices for Biosafety Level 1 and Biosafety Level 2 laboratories. Topics include risk assessments, hazards of agents, exposure routes, PPE, engineering controls, decontamination, spill response, exposure response, training requirements, and lab responsibilities. This training is MANDATORY for anyone listed on an active IBC approved Biohazardous Material Registration.

  1. Click here to view the Biosafety in Research Laboratories Refresher Training presentation. Please note that this presentation has an audio component.
    (Total length: 63:47 minutes)
  2. Once you have completed the training, click here to complete the BRLR Training Test.
    There are 14 questions in total. Make sure to select the best answer in each question. A passing score of 86% (12 correct responses) is required. The IBC office will notify you of the results.