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After personnel have been added to an IACUC protocol, they will be contacted by the IACUC office with information on any personnel requirements they are due to complete and instructions for accessing the Materials webpage. For information on adding personnel to protocols, please see the page on Personnel Amendments. If you have further queries, contact

IACUC Clearance

IACUC Clearance must be attained prior to personnel beginning any animal work. Personnel and their investigators will receive a notification once their requirements are complete and they have attained IACUC clearance. Clearance is granted after the completion of both the OHS Assessment and the MACU Training.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Assessment

Research personnel are required to have an annual OHS assessment, regardless of their level of interaction with animals and whether anything has changed since their last assessment. Once the OHS Assessment has been reviewed, the nurse will send a notification to the IACUC office regarding your status. Please note that only the OHS nurses may review health information; therefore please direct any questions, concerns or medical forms directly to the nurse for your campus. Any medical forms sent to the IACUC office will be deleted without review.

Mandatory Animal Care and Use (MACU) Training

Research personnel are required to complete MACU training every three years. This online training program requires review of both a PowerPoint presentation on the Federal laboratory animal use regulations and the Tufts institutional polices that ensure compliance with these regulations. MACU training must be renewed every three years. In the interim, it can serve as a useful resource for many questions concerning the IACUC and review of animal research. Please contact the IACUC office if you have any questions concerning the material covered in the training.

Rodent Survival Surgery (RSS) Training

Research personnel that will be conducting survival surgery on rodents need to complete the RSS training prior to conducting survival surgery. The IACUC office must be notified of intent to conduct survival surgery. A staff member will then contact the personnel with the training and quiz instructions. Supplemental trainings on rodent handling and surgical techniques are offered through DLAM.

NOTE: If personnel are already listed on an approved protocol and it was not initially indicated that they would conduct survival surgery, an email changing their status must be sent to and the personnel must complete the surgery training prior to performing surgery.

Access Requests

After IACUC clearance has been attained, information about getting an ID and/or access to the animal facilities can be requested be emailing All Boston campus access requests should include specific room numbers.