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The transfer of animals from one protocol to another may be permitted in some cases, but it requires prior Approval. Please note that this is required even if both protocols are under the same Investigator.

Animal Protocol Transfer forms must be completed prior to the transfer. All forms must include details for how the animals will be used on the receiving protocol. The transfer is not considered Approved until the IACUC office or LAMS has notified the Principal Investigators.

Cage cards and relevant health records must be modified to reflect the change(s) after the transfer has been approved. More details on required cage card information can be found in the IACUC Policy on Animal Identification and Procedures.

Boston, Medford, or HNRCA Transfers

Please complete the Boston/Medford/HNRCA Animal Protocol Transfer Form and submit to Both Principal Investigators must be included on the submission email.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to contact DLAM or the CBU manager, Don Smith, to initiate changes to the cage cards to reflect the new protocol number, Principal Investigator name, and/or account number.

If animals need to be moved to a different DLAM animal holding room, complete an Animal Relocation Request Form. If they need to be moved to a different HNRCA animal holding room, please contact Don Smith. If animals need to be moved from DLAM to the HNRCA or vice versa, complete a DLAM/HNRCA Interinstitutional Room Transfer.

Grafton Transfers

Please complete the Grafton Animal Protocol Transfer Form and submit it to