News and Events

Sept 30: Communicating Effectively with Federal Program Officials
Lewis Burke Associates presents about the applicant and program official relationship in separate programs for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences investigators and for Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences investigators.

October 1 & 2: Building Relationships with Federal Program Officers Workshop
Small group workshops designed to help investigators practice and refine their ‘pitches’ to federal program officers. See more details for Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences investigators.

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Research News

Research News at Tufts is an online newsletter published by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research to provide investigators with helpful information and insight into other disciplines that may stimulate collaboration.

Research Days

Research Days is series of events hosted by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research to showcase outstanding research at Tufts, both for our own community as well as potential industry collaborators.

Our Mission

The Office of Proposal Development (OPD) collaborates with Tufts faculty on the development of grant proposals, focusing primarily on multi-investigator proposals, including institutional training grants, center grants, and infrastructure- and capacity-building grants. We also offer resources to help faculty, graduate students, and postdocs develop their grant writing skills and to identify sources of funding for research and scholarly activities.

We offer a variety of grantsmanship resources to faculty members, including:

  • Knowledge of funding agency mission and culture.
  • Expertise in thoroughly understanding all requirements of a funding opportunity announcement.
  • Participation in proposal development meetings with the principal investigator and key personnel to help participants refine and articulate project goals to provide a strong foundation for the writing of the remainder of the proposal.
  • Working with key personnel to create a proposal outline that is responsive to all necessary requirements and to create a timeline for the accomplishment of tasks related to the submission.
  • Writing non-technical sections of proposals and providing editing for clarity, brevity, and formatting.
  • Providing relevant standard text describing Tufts’ resources and facilities.
  • Ensuring that narrative content conforms to the instructions provided by the funding agency and to any relevant federal and university regulations.
  • Contacting key personnel to request information, such as biographical sketches, current and pending funding, training records, etc., and formatting this information to proposal specifications.

Please note: Our capacity to assist with your proposal is dependent upon the office’s current grants portfolio. Please contact our office at (617) 636-2480 or email well in advance of your final submission deadline to discuss your grant preparation needs.