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Jori Barabino, BS, CRA
Director, Pre-Award Research Administration
(617) 627-3696

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Pre-Award Team

Kathleen Benoit, CRA
Senior Research Administrator
(617) 636-3601

Colleen Donaghey, BS
Research Administrator II
(617) 636-2168

Shauna Gaffny, BS
Research Administrator I
(617) 627-3834

Barbara Gardner, BS, MBA
Associate Director
(617) 636-2473

Brandon Milby, BA
Research Administration Coordinator
(617) 636-3536

Katie McGeary, BS
Research Administrator II
(617) 627-3436

Ruth Smith, BS, JD
Senior Research Administrator
(617) 627-3886

Nicole Tardiff, CRA, MS
Associate Director
(617) 627-8858


Processing Times

Proposal review

48 hours (or 2 business days)

Processing new awards that do not require negotiation

48 hours (or 2 business days)

Email enquiries

24 hours (next business day)

Updates on work that is in process

Generally speaking once a week

Contract reviews - Vanilla

72 hours (or 3 business days)

Contract/incoming subcontract reviews – Complex

(requiring multiple sign off i.e. TTIC/General Counsel, or federal, or exceptions)

Movement within 5 business days (assumption multiple moves required)

PI should get updates once a week

Incoming subcontract contracts - Vanilla

72 hours (or 3 business days)

Outgoing subcontracts - Vanilla

5 business days to develop,

Inquiries to sub once a week if not returned

Outgoing subcontracts - Complex

2 weeks to develop,

Inquiries to sub once every 2 weeks