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Current policies related to the Tufts Health Sciences IRB and Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) are listed here. Please also refer to our Regulations page.

  1. Direct Advertising Material for Recruitment
  2. Human Research Protection Program Plan
  3. Informed Consent Forms
  4. International Research
  5. Investigator Manual
  6. IRB Jurisdiction
  7. PI Eligibility Policy
  8. Policy on Subjects who Cannot Read, Write, or Have Some Impairment that Hampers Consent Process or Documentation
  9. Reportable New Information
  10. Short Form Policy
  11. Stem Cell Research
  12. Tissue Banking
  13. Transferring Studies with SBER IRB
  14. Translation of Study Documents
  15. Wards of the State

If you wish to provide comments or suggestions on Tufts Health Sciences IRB policy and guidance documents, organization of materials on this website, or other human subject protection issues, please contact the IRB office staff at or (617) 636-7512.